School Council

SCA Elementary School Council

Our School Council is extremely important to the growth and success of our school.  The Council assumes an advisory role which includes providing insight and advice on the School Education Plan, the mission, vision, and budget.  The School Council also acts as a liaison between parents, Sherwood Park Alliance Church, and Strathcona Christian Academy Elementary School. 

Members of School Council

Lisa Harke - Chair

Leanne Seelochan - Vice Chair

Jaci Ramsden - Secretary

Dada Smart - Treasurer

Laura Volkman - Compassion Coordinator

Sarah Dyck - Key Communicator

Lindsey Heerema - School Community Coordinator

Kevin Semenjuk - Service Coordinator

Leah Unrau - Staff Ambassador

Cathy Allen - EIPS Trustee

Francis Poole - Principal

Jon Alstad - Assistant Principal

Jaime Peters - Assistant Principal

Janet Vader - Teacher Rep